Welcome to the DeFI section of Madiba. Our mission is to drastically reduce the barriers to entry for investments into Africa’s Decentralized energy market for both institutional and retail investors within and outside of Africa.


Our Goal

No.1 Utility Token for Africa's Energy Transition

Three Token Model


This is the Gateway token on madiba. It is the only token that is bought by people who want to participate as financial stakeholders. Only those who possess our MGW Tokens can accrue and use the remaining the two tokens.

MGW Tokens are backed by the value of the green energy portfolio under madiba’s management in Africa. 

There is a fixed supply of 100 billion MGW Tokens that would be issued.


For every watt of energy our green energy portfolio produces, ME Tokens are issued to holders of the MGW Tokens in a manner proportional to the amount of MGW Tokens they hold


ME Tokens have a life span of 12 months and new ME tokens are issued monthly.

Each ME Token can be burned to receive a discount voucher which can be used for paying for services within madiba’s ecosystem such as EV charging, paying for goods and services offered by companies within madiba’s ecosystem.



For every dollar an MGW Token holder spends within Madiba’s ecosystem, 1 MI Token is issued to the holder of the MGW Token.

If the dollar is spent on goods and services that lead ing to energy savings or efficient use of energy, 2 MI Tokens are issued.


100 MI Tokens can be staked for 1 ME Token, or burned to receive a Madiba Impact certificate that is valid for a month.


Fixed Token Supply

100 Billion MGW Tokens issued.

This would not be changed

Price Drivers

Until 2027, 1MGW Token = $0.5

Post 2027,

Value = Watt per Token x 0.6 x Carbon price x 0.4 x Average Energy price in Africa

Fair Launch

 Maximum of 20% of the MGW Tokens are made available every year until all tokens have been bought.

Sorry, feature not yet released !

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