Electric mobility especially two wheelers and Electric buses would be crucial in disrupting Africa’s fragile and fragmented transportation industry.

Electric Vehicles would provide a clean and sustainable way of de-carbonizing Africa’s transportation sector while improving access to reliable transportation systems for millions of Africans

Owing to the massive demand in transporting, a general hike in fuel prices and push towards finding more sustainable forms of transportation across various African countries, more companies are moving into the electric mobility space through manufacturing and /or retrofitting of fossil fuel powered vehicles into electric vehicles across the continent.

While the EV market is still a niche market, it is a rapidly growing market segment. At madiba, we believe that making s EV charging stations powered by solar and/or biogas ubiquitous across various African cities would lead to a rapid growth in the EV market on the continent.

As such we are providing EV charging and battery swapping as a service for two wheelers and buses.

We work closely with different EV manufacturers on the continent to build interoperable charging and battery swapping infrastructure. This allows our service to be accessible to a wide array of EV owners, manufacturers and companies.

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