At Madiba, we are a team of passionate experts working towards a common goal: to empower Africa through sustainable energy solutions. We believe that access to reliable and affordable energy is a fundamental right that can drive economic growth, and we are committed to making this a reality for all communities and businesses on the continent. Our B2B 3-sided platform connects customers, technical stakeholders, and financial partners, making it easy for customers to switch to renewable energy sources, reduce customer acquisition costs for technical stakeholders, and access impact investment portfolios in the renewable energy sector for financial partners. We pride ourselves on our transparency and providing seamless user experiences.


At Madiba, we are dedicated to making renewable energy access and investment in Africa as seamless and easy as possible. Our goal is to bridge the energy deficit in Africa through a B2B 3-sided platform that connects customers, technical stakeholders and financial partners, thereby reducing customer acquisition cost and making impact investment portfolios in the renewable energy sector easily accessible.


Our vision is to unlock Africa’s potential through energy, by making renewable energy accessible, affordable and reliable for all, driving economic growth, creating new opportunities and improving the lives of all stakeholders.


Energy as a Service

Lease to own

EV charging stations

Value offering


Instant switch to renewable energy for all your energy needs

Ability to switch to renewables with no upfront cost

Save money on long term energy bills

Flexible and affordable energy payment plans

Technical stakeholders

A platform for customers to easily access your service

Reduced customer acquisition cost

Access to maintenance contracts from madiba

Financial stakeholders

Access to well curated impact investments in Africa’s renewable energy sector

Full transparency for all projects in all portfolios available on the platform

Ability to view all details on all projects at a click of a button




Deep Tech and Sustainability pre-incubator



Deep Tech, AI and Sustainability incubator



Kwabena Mensah Atobra

CEO and Co-founder

Doctoral researcher

University of Helsinki

Computational seismology

Msc ETH Zurich

Benjamin Amoh


Doctoral researcher

Dartmouth College


Msc Stanford University

Al-Amin Bugage

Country rep, Nigeria

Doctoral researcher

Imperial College

Electrical and Power systems Engineering

Msc Imperial College

Theophilus Wakemeh

Country rep, Ghana

Doctoral researcher

North Carolina state University

Electrical Engineering


Jukka Lahtinen

Technical Advisor

Open Innovation Manager



Merja Leppänen

Sales and Marketing Advisor

Deputy Head of Sales Excellence



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